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Sidewinder Computer Services (SCS) is a small company this is where our strenghts lay.
With the small company size we can still offer the professional service however we also pride ourselves with personal service , we treat our clients like people not like a number.
We can offer a mobile service, we come to you whether it's your home or place of work, this is an advantage for both the client and for SCS. We can troubleshoot the system in real time with the client right there to answer our questions in person, this also helps you the client to have any questions or concerns answered straight away.

Although a large percentage of problems can be found and fixed on site, there are times the PC will need to be taken to our premises for a more thougher service.
This is where SCS is a great help for the client having an SCS technician there on site to disconnect the PC, take it away repair / replace parts.
What you notice is that the PC has been disconnected, unplugged and packed up and you the client did not need to worry which plugs and what cables needed to be pulled out and what and how to pack the PC, then phone or find a shop then find the convient time for you to drop it off.
SCS would save all this hassle and we always stay in touch with you to outline problems fixability costs and the most important one the time frame of the repair.

Another advantage or our Mobile Service is that when the PC is fixed or has been moved we are there to install connect and connect everything the right way again, you didn't have to worry about try to remember what cables went where.
You were able sit back and when it's all finished and up and running simply start using the PC again.

We pride ourselves on good professional but still personal service.
Our motto is "Your Best Solution".
We would like to offer you to try us on our motto, you won't be disappointed.

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When you move from one place to another we can help hook all them cables up again to help speed up the process of getting you back up and operational quickly.
Call us today to see if we can help you.


We custom build all our PC's, we can build any number of combinations that you may require.
If you know exactly what you need we can help you with that,Unsure of what your needs or requirements are we can help you make the right decisions.
Call us today to see if we can help you.


Is your computer running slow, have a virus, spyware, deleted a file by mistake, or just not sure what is going on with your computer,

Call us today to see if we can help you.

  • SCS-DC3

    This is a great entry level PC can do all the everyday tasks, upgrade options can help take it to the next level.

  • SCS-QC3

    A step up from the entry level computer giving the user more vesatility with more speed and larger storage space.

  • SCS-6C3

    This is a great system for gaming or graphic design, giving great speeeeeeeeeed :-)
    The PC has a huge 3TB hard drive and also boasts a Blu-Ray Burner and a great 2GB Video Card. The upgrades for this PC an 8 Core CPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!